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Boskovic Research Group
Established29 July 2018; 5 years ago (2018-07-29)
Research typePure
Field of research
Medicinal Chemistry
AddressGray-Little Hall, 2199F, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66045
LocationLawrence, Kansas, United States 
38°57′20″N 95°15′22″W / 38.9555°N 95.2561°W / 38.9555; -95.2561
Main Page is located in Kansas
Main Page
Location in Kansas
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Welcome to the Boskovic Group wiki, where you'll find articles about procedures, best practices, and safety information. If you are a visitor, you can find cursory information about the lab on our home page; otherwise visit our website, which is noted in the information box.

For Researchers

If you have just joined the lab, take a look at the onboarding page.

To get familiar with a technique or an instrument visit our standard operating procedures portal.


These are the papers we are studying.


  1. Group meetings At 3:30 PM on Wednesdays in 2192 GL.
  2. Journal club. At 1 PM on Saturdays (other than the last Saturday of the month which is reserved for coding club) we have a journal club meeting during which students present papers that they found interesting.
  3. Coding club. On the last Saturday of each month we host coding club.
  4. An Hour with the Fiesers.
  5. Talks and seminars. Talks and seminars from Medicinal Chemistry and other departments.

Address and Contact Information

Lab address Shipping address Lab phone Zarko's phone
Gray-Little Hall, 2199F

University of Kansas
1567 Irving Hill Road
Lawrence, 66045 KS

Gray-Little Hall, 2199F

University of Kansas
1621 Ousdahl Road
Lawrence, 66045 KS

+1 (785) 864-6578 +1 (785) 864-6587
+1 (805) 284-3599

Group members contact information page


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